Fourier-Transform Infrared Microscope LUMOS II / Bruker Optik GmbH

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Short description: The FTIR microscope is used for visual observation of two- and three-dimensional plastic samples and their IR analysis. The FTIR microscope can be used to examine the chemical composition of plastic surfaces in order to identify impurities, defects, particles, fibres, etc. The LUMOS II is a stand-alone FTIR microscope with an integrated FTIR spectrometer. All moving components are motorised and electronically coded.

Samples: Plastics (granulates, powders, flakes, flat test specimens), pastes and liquids

Applications: Investigation of the causes of product defects including inclusions and inhomogeneity. Determination of the chemical composition of complex materials, such as multi-layer structures, laminates, composites, coatings, particles, fibres and paints.

Technical data
Measurement mode ATR, transmission, reflection
Spectral resolution > 2 cm-1
Detector thermoelectrically cooled MCT detector
Magnification 8x
Maximum sample size 22 mm × 1.5 mm (diameter × thickness)
Sample table Temperature ranges from 196 °C to 600 °C