Migration Cells


Abstract: Investigation of the migration behavior of substances from plastics into contact materials (e.g. food or cosmetic products).

Application: Determination of the overall migration of all substances and the specific migration of individual substances. Investigation of the compliance of plastics or plastic recyclates with regard to the conformity test concerning EU Regulations No. 10/2011 for plastics and No. 2022-1616 for plastic recyclates intended to come into contact with food. Investigation of the influence of temperature and storage time on migration properties. Testing of functional barrier properties of materials.

Samples: For the one-sided migration observation, flat plastic samples such as films or sheets are necessary. For a two-sided migration observation, the sample can be in almost any solid form.

Technical Data
Contact area diameter 60 mm
Contact area approx. 2,800 mm2 to 0.28 dm2
Maximum sample thickness 2 mm
Maximum volume of contact material 140 ml