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IKK publishes recommendations for action for biobased plastics (BK) in Germany

IKK publishes recommendations for action for biobased plastics (BK) in Germany

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The recommendations for action are intended to help increase interest in bioplastics at a national level, and thus their demand and use. They were developed as part of a project funded by the Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e. V. (Agency for Renewable Resources); they were evaluated by experts from the chemical industry, the agricultural sector, certification and plastics associations.

A total of 42 recommendations for action were made, covering the areas of market, raw materials, technology/research, recycling, sustainability, waste biomass and rural areas. Not unexpectedly, the experts' top 5 recommendations include those that make monetary and market-regulating demands on politicians. 
However, recommendations that initiate a rethink, such as consumers turning away from conventional plastics because they pollute the environment when carelessly disposed of, are rated less highly as drivers for the BK market in Germany.

In parallel to the above recommendations, it remains essential to continue and intensify networking between research and industry, trade and disposal/recycling, teaching, training and information/communication work for consumers, lobbyists and NGOs when it comes to expanding the market for bio-based plastics in Germany.

The details of the recommendations for action can be found in the brochure "Recommendations for action - as a concept for the implementation of a successful domestic market including all value-added sectors for bio-based plastics in Germany" which is available for download as a PDF.

BK-Markt stands for "Analyse zum Rohstoff-, Technologie- und Nachhaltigkeitspotenzial biobasierter Kunststoffe 2020 und 2030 für Deutschland", FKZ: 2220NR274X, duration: 2021 - 2024.