3D Digital Microscope Leica DVM6 A

© Florian Bittner
© Florian Bittner/IKK

Short description: 3D digital microscopy enables fast optical imaging of samples in high resolution. By subsequent image acquisition under variation of the focal plane, images with a high depth of focus and 3D models of the sample surface can be obtained.

Samples: Material samples, components

Applications: Optical evaluation of samples, measurements of sample features, determination of particle size distributions, 3D analysis of surfaces

Technical data
Zoom ratio 1:16
Camera sensor CMOS 3.664 x 2.748 Pixel (10 megapixels)
Lens low magnification PlanAPO FOV 43.75, resolution max. 415 lp/mm
Lens medium magnification PlanAPO FOV 12.55, resolution max. 1.073 lp/mm
Lens high magnification PlanAPO FOV 3.60, resolution max. 2.366 lp/mm
Illumination options
  • Ring light with 4 switchable LED segments
  • Coaxial LED illumination with contrast adjustment
  • Relief contrast
  • Transmitted light
Stage travel range 70 mm × 50 mm
Tilting function -60 ° to +60 °
  • Leica LAS X incl. module 2D Analysis
  • ImageJ