Creep Testing Machine ZwickRoell KAPPA Multistation 5 x 10 kN

© Nico Niemeyer

Manufacturer: ZwickRoell Testing Systems GmbH

Short description: Creep tests according to standard ISO 899-1 (tensile) in a temperature range from 10 °C over standard (23 °C) up to +250 °C

Test material: Plastics

Application: The electromechanical creep testing machine Kappa Multistation for plastics has setups for creep tests according to ISO 899-1 (tensile), relaxation tests and quasistatic tests i.e. according to ISO 527. There are 5 individually controlled test axes in combination with videoXtens (contact-free measurement is recommended by creep standards).

Technical Data
Test speed range 0.001 – 100 mm/min
Load cells 5x Xforce K 10 kN
Test setup Tensile creep test (max. 10 kN)
Travel sensor 5x videoXtens
Temperature chamber Temperature range: From 10 °C over standard (23 °C) up to +250 °C
Long term tests up to 10,000 h
Test standards
  • DIN EN ISO 899-1
  • DIN EN ISO 899-2 (not yet available)