CT data analysis Volume Graphics VG STUDIO MAX Material

CT data analysis Volume Graphics VG STUDIO MAX Material

Short description: Bases on CT data substantial conclusions about material structure and component properties can be drawn. For the processing of the frequently huge amounts of data a powerful workstation is available.

Processible data: CT data (manufacturer-independent), volume data in general

Applications: Determination of material and component properties based on volume data, i.e. segmentation and quantification of material components, fibre orientation analysis or porosity analysis.

Technical Data
Software VG STUDIO MAX Material 3.4 (Volume Graphics GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany)
Module Coordinate Measurement Registration of components, advances surface determination, measurements i.a. on the basis of geometry elements
Module Porosity/Inclusion Analysis Detection and Quantification of pores, holes and inclusions
Module Fiber Composite Material Analysis Determination of local fibre orientations, local fibre volume fractions, global fibre orientation distributions and global fibre volume fractions
Module Foam/Powder Analysis Determination of geometrical properties of foam materials and powders
Workstation AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 4.5 GHz
256 GB RAM
NVidia Quadro P2200 5 GB GDDR5X


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