DCIM – Direct Compounding Injection Moulding KraussMaffei 160/750/CX/DCIM

  • © Florian Bittner | IKK

  • © Florian Bittner | IKK

Manufacturer: KraussMaffei Group GmbH

Short description: DCIM stands for "Direct Compounding Injection Molding" and refers to compounding with a single-screw extruder with various metering units directly above the injection molding machine. Using DCIM it is possible to flexibly modify formulations directly at the injection molding machine and transfer into corresponding components or test specimens. Thus, an additional compounding process can be saved, the ratio of different formulation components can be adjusted step by step and the influence of additives can be investigated in a direct way.

Application: Recipe development, variation of material compositions directly in the injection molding process, e.g. mixtures of virgin and recycled materials, development and optimization of blend proportions or influence of additives.

Technical data
Closing force 1600 KN
Clearance between the pillars 520 mm × 520 mm
Tool mounting plate 820 mm × 845 mm
Mold installation height min. 300 mm
Main unit SP750
Screw diameter 50 mm
Dosing volume 393 cm3
Injection pressure 1892 bar
2 Injection unit single-screw Extruders
Properties DCIM03.10- single screw extruder 30-300
Screw diameter D30
Screw with special geometry
Gravimetric dosing (Motan company)
Roboter LRX
X-Axis 550 mm
Y-Axis 1200 mm
Z-Axis 1500 mm
C-Axis pneumatic
Payload 10 kg
Position accuracy range ± 0.1 mm