IDSC 214 Polyma

© Nico Niemeyer

Gerätmodell: DSC 214 Polyma®

Manufacturer: NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH

Description: Heat flow DSC optimized for the measurement of polymeric materials. The DSC 214 Polyma features high heating and cooling rates, making it useful for both research and quality assurance in production. Two cooling systems are available, routine measurements and measurements in the low temperature range are possible. Switching between the systems is possible without any modification. An integrated database and intelligent software with automatic evaluation routines allow efficient identification and comparison of polymeric materials.

Samples: thermoplastic polymers

Application: polymer characterisation or identification, quality assurance, measurement of oxidation stability, damage analysis, low temperature behaviour

Technical Data
Measuring principle Measurement of the heat flow difference as a function of temperature between sample and reference
Gas atmospheres Inert, oxidizing, static and dynamic operation
Heating/Cooling rate 0.001 K/min to 500 K/min
(maximum rates depend upon the temperature)
Temperature range -170 °C bis 600 °C
Technical Resolution 0.1 µW
Cooling devices Intracooler IC 70, LN2 multimode cooling system
Other Automatic sample changer, coupling with gas analysis techniques like FT-IR spectrometer and temperature modulated measurements (TM-DSC) possible
Important standards General: DIN EN ISO 11357 (1 to 7), ASTM D3417 / 3418
Oxidative stability: ASTM D3350 / 3895, DIN EN 728