Extrusion Plastometer MFI/MVR ZwickRoell Aflow

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Manufacturer: ZwickRoell GmbH & Co. KG

Short description: Extrusion plastometer for plastics, containing fluorine / fluorine free in accordance with the standard ISO 1133.

Test material: plastic granulates, containing fluorine/fluorine free

Application: The Aflow extrusion plastometer is designed to perform MFR and MVR tests in accordance with methods A, B, C and D. This can be done using an automatic extrudate cutter and balance. Tests can be performed in accordance with standard ISO 1133.

Technical Data
Test temperature 50 °C up to 450 °C
Test load stepless 0.325 to 50 kg
Cooling unit Compressed air
Nozzle dimension 2.095 × 8 mm
Test standards DIN EN ISO 1133