Life Cycle Engineering - Gabi


Software model: Software for sustainability assessment (GaBi – Ganzheitlich Bilanzierung)

Manufacturer: Sphera

Short description: Software and databases for sustainability assessment and life cycle assessment according to ISO14040/44. Calculation of different environmental impacts such as global warming potential (kg CO2-eq.) along the entire life cycle (from cradle to grave) or for individual life stages (Raw material acquisition, manufacturing, use, end of life) of product systems.

Scope of application: Products, processes and technologies

Technical Data
Basis GaBi Professional Version 9
Additional databases Ecoinvent, Organic precursors, inorganic precursors, energy, steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, plastics, painting, recycling, end-of-life, manufacturing processes, electronics, renewable resources, construction materials, textile finishing, seat covers, bioplastics, food and feed, carbon fibre reinforced plastics, country-specific databases USA and India
Impact assessment methods including PEF, CML, ILCD, Recipe
Other Cirularity Tool, Natural Capital Accounting co-efficients (global)