GPC/SEC System 1260 Infinity II

© Nico Niemeyer

Producer: Agilent Technologies GmbH

Abstract: The high temperature GPC/SEC System 1260 Infinity II with trifold detection – refractive index measurement, light scattering and viscosimeter – allows the molecular analysis of polymer chains. The system provides accurate information on absolute molecular weight and size of vast majority of polymers, independently of their molecular weight range or solvent. Operating temperature up to 220 °C allows testing of poorly soluble polymers, e.g. polyolefins. Each detector has an independent temperature control so that a high degree of precision and reproducibility can be easily achieved.

Materials: Thermoplastics and thermosets

Application: Analysis of the molar mass and its distribution, characterization of complex samples, non-linear/branched polymers, graft polymers and copolymers, detection of additives, investigation of degradation behaviour

Technical data
Gel permeation chromatograph 1260 Infinity II HT-GPC System
Pump 0.1-10.0 ml/min
Flow rate precisionn ≤ 0.07 % RSD
Temperature range ambient to 220 °C
Temperature stability < 0.05 °C/h
Column capacity Up to six 300 × 7.8 mm
Refractive index detector (RI)
Differential diffractometer Deflection
Cell volume 8 µl
Noise ≤ 80 µV
Drift ≤ mV/h
Wavelength 890 nm
Autosampler type Carousel 40 × 2 ml Vials, two zone heating
Injection volume Flushed fixed loop, 5–500 µl
Linearity 0.5 % FS
Shear rate (typical) 3000 s-1
Sensitivity ηsp 1 × 10-5 Pa·s
Baseline noise (for DP output) 0.25 mV
Baseline Drift (for DP output) < 5 mV
Light scattering detector (ELSD)
Light scattering type High temperature evaporative scattering
Light source LED 480 nm
Detector PMT with digital signal processing
Operating pressure 4.2-6.9 bar
Rayleigh scattering angles         15° und 90° (dual)
Eluent flow range 0.5–5.0 ml/min