Granulate Air Dryer CKT500

© Nico Niemeyer

Manufacturer: Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH

Distribution: Plasma Kunststofftechnik

Short description: The dry air dryers can be used for drying of medium to very large quantities of plastic granulate to the residual moisture required for the further processing.

The used dry air technology works in a closed loop system, completely independent of the ambient climate: deeply dry, heated air flows through the granulate, absorbs its moisture and releases it to a desiccant. In addition, the granulate is conveyed to the drying container with the conveyor technology from Koch, as well as to the processing machines, i.e. extruders and injection molding machines.

Materials: thermoplastic plastics, bioplastics, blends

Technical data
Dry air volume up to 500 m3/h
Drying area 80 °C to 170 °C
Control Touch-Panel 10.4"
Material separator A100
Security filter Sa3
Conveyor separator two-component separator
Drying container 3 × 60 l
3 × 300 l