ISQ 7000 GC-MS-System with Double Shot Pyrolysator

ISQ 7000 GC-MS-System with Double Shot Pyrolysator

© Nico Niemeyer

Manufacturer: ThermoFisher Scientific / Frontier Lab

Short description: A qualitative and quantitative determination of the chemical composition is possible by chromatographic separation with subsequent mass spectrometric detection of thermally fragmented polymers by means of pyrolysis gas chromatography / mass spectrometry (Py-GC / MS).

Specimen: (Additivated) plastics, blends, compounds, etc.

Applications: Determination of the chemical composition of various organic materials

Technical data
Temperature range +3 °C bis 450 °C
Software Chromeleon 7
Double Shot Pyrolysator Pyrolysis, reactive pyrolysis, evolved gas analysis (EGA), classic and multi-stage thermal desorption, combined thermal desorption / pyrolysis (double shot mode)
Micro-Jet Cryo Trap Jet cooling of separating column sections with dry, LN2, cooled inert gas, especially for refocussing gas flows from pyrolysis or large sample loops
Carrier Gas Selector Oxidative Pyrolysis