Material Testing Machine ZwickRoell zwickiLine Z2.5 TH

© Nico Niemeyer

Manufacturer: ZwickRoell GmbH & Co. KG

Short description: Material testing machine is equipped with accessories to perform tensile tests on plastic films, yarns and tyre cords, additionally it is possible to determine the coefficient of friction and the impact penetration test on plastic films. The bending moment can be measured on paper and cardboard boxes.

Test material: Plastic (film), yarn, canvas, paper, cardboard box

Application: Tensile test on plastic film, yarn, canvas and tyre cord. Bending moment on paper and cardboard box.

Technical Data
Testing speed 0.0005 - 1,000 mm/min
Load cells
  • Xforce HP 2,5 kN
  • Xforce HP 500 N
  • Xforce HP 10 N
Specimen holder
  • Type 8197 (max. 1 kN)
  • Type 8297 (max. 2,5 kN)
Height of test area max. 1,365 mm
Test standards
  • DIN EN ISO 527-3 (max. 1 kN)
  • DIN EN ISO 2062
  • DIN EN ISO 8295
  • DIN EN 14477 (max. 100 N)
  • DIN 55437