Analysis of Biodegradability of Plastics under Aerobic / Anaerobic Conditions

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Instrument type: OxiTop®-IDS

Manufacturer: Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co. KG

Short description: Respirometric measurement system for aerobic operation and BOD self-check measurements with up to 100 measuring stations /places.

Application: The OxiTop®-IDS is a modern measuring instrument for all kinds of respirometric studies. Regardless whether aerobic or anaerobic examinations, because of its versatility the OxiTop®-IDS is suited for both. In addition to BOD, the OxiTop® IDS can map all types of respirometric tests, such as OECD biodegradability tests, soil respiration, biogas testing and much more.

Technical Data
Measuring principle Detection of a pressure drop resulting from precipitation of CO2 in a closed measuring system; subsequent conversion into quantity of consumed oxygen (mg/l)
Measuring environment Aerobic/anaerobic, aquatic media and soil respiration
Measuring Period 0.5 to 180 days, up to 360 data sets
BOD range up to 4000 mg/l
Temperature range 5 to 40 °C
Other Extension to adapt biodegradability tests to different test media and environmental conditions in planning
Standards OECD 301F, DIN EN ISO 9408