Kunststoffrecycling: Wie Normen den Technologietransfer beschleunigen

Plastics recycling: How standards accelerate technology transfer

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Standardization is an integral part of the circular economy, enabling a universal assessment of materials, processes and products. At the same time, the important role of standards in transferring research findings into practice is often underestimated. For this reason, IKK – Institute of Plastics and Circular Economy actively participates in standardization committees for the plastics recycling sector.

Circular economy in the plastics industry

The introduction of closed loop recycling management in the plastics industry is overdue. Imperfect waste management systems lead to the pollution of nature. Social environmental awareness is growing, consumers prefer to buy recycled products – forcing more and more companies to rethink. At the same time, recycling plastics is a challenge.

Therefore, a circular economy model needs to be developed in which plastic waste generated after production (post-industrial or pre-consumer waste) and after the use phase of the products (post-consumer waste) can be recycled and recovered as effectively as possible.

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