Mike Herbig

Title awarding university: Technische Universität Dresden

Cooperation: AUDI AG Ingolstadt, Technical Development / Advanced Development

Title of the doctoral project: Technical Design for Circular Economy

Short description of the doctoral project: Framework: Technical circularity of substitute and consumer goods (technical objects), derivation and definition of generic premises and standards for the circular economy (CE) and design for circularity.

Research question: How do different types of use of technical objects affect the requirements and functional CE design (functional topology) of these? How must these be technically designed from a development point of view so that they can be kept in the technical cycle for as long as possible in a future circular economy model?

Inclusion of different requirements such as, A: Ownership to B: Use (A/B comparison of functional requirements and criteria). Example introduction of criteria and a factor model, by means of a comparative measurement (A: Status Quo / to B: CE-optimized technical design, in the context of changing business models) for the automotive sector, as part of an internal and external case study.

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