Nicolas Schiffer

Title awarding university: Leibniz University Hannover

Cooperation: Technoform Group

Title of the doctoral project: Graphite reinforced thermoplastics for heat transfer systems

Short description of the doctoral project: Graphite reinforced thermoplastics are to be further developed in terms of their components and evaluated for heat transfer systems. The aim is to develop and validate measurement devices for determining the heat conductivity of anisotropic solids. A primary objective is to optimize the thermoplastics through filler reorientation to enhance their efficiency in heat transfer applications. Additionally, material tests, such as corrosion and aging tests, as well as creep experiments, are planned. The final testing will be conducted in field test facilities under real operational loads. The overarching goal is to increase the efficiency and applicability of graphite reinforced thermoplastics in heat transfer systems subjected to corrosive conditions.

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