Simon Hoebel

Title awarding university: Leibniz University Hannover

Cooperation: Mercedes-Benz AG

Title of the doctoral project: Recyclability of plastic components as a part of future generations of automobiles

Short description of the doctoral project: As part of the thesis, the aim is to create (closed-loop) recycling of end-of-life plastic components in order to meet the company's goals and legal framework. Based on the limitations of end-of-life recycling, design guidelines are created that enable the return of plastics from end-of-life vehicles back into the lifecycle, ideally for reuse in the automotive industry. As a measure, optimisations with regard to material design, product design (e.g. through design-for-recycling), as well as the use of a digital product passport to increase the quality of end-of-life plastic recyclates can be considered.

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