Venkateshwaran Venkatachalam

Title awarding university: Leibniz University Hannover

Title of the doctoral project: Integrating Ecodesign and Sustainability Assessment for a circular economy of plastics and composites

Short description of the doctoral project: In the planning and design phase, product manufacturers should consider the impact (mechanical, environmental, socio-economic) that the product can have at each stage of the value chain. Ecodesign (Design for Recycling/Design for Sustainability) considers and communicates all these aspects of a product as early as the planning and design phase. Optimized product design can reduce the impact of products throughout their life cycle and thereby increase the material and energy efficiency of the product system. This requires a comprehensive analysis of the 'circularity indicators' of plastic products to be calculated and the stakeholders involved in the product system to be identified in order to develop new strategies to extend the product's life during its use phase.

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