EdelWeissCompounding Technology - Multivariable Adaptive Tandem Extruder Line

© Florian Bittner | IKK

Manufacturer: KraussMaffei Extrusion GmbH

Short description: Modular recycling line consisting of various interacting individual units, a melting extruder and a compounding extruder with various options for adding a wide range of fillers, reinforcing and recycling materials as well as extensive inline and online analysis equipment (color, viscosity, odor, etc.).

Application: Development and adaptation of high-quality recycling processes with more complex input flows, product-specific recipe development and process optimization. Recipe development/recycling/process optimization/process analysis in R&D.

Technical Data
Extrusion line configuration options
Melting line Melting > Degassing > Coarse filtration > Fine filtration > Granulation > Filling
Compounding line Compounding > Degassing > Granulation > Filling
Recycling line Melting > Degassing > Coarse filtration > Fine filtration > Compounding > Degassing > Granulation > Filling
Material pre-treatment
Light bulk materials Pelletizing with flat die press incl. metal detection
Heavy bulk materials Direct bypass conveying to the dosing station
Extruder type 2 x ZE28 BluePower
Screw diameter 28 mm
Total throughput max. 150 kg/h
Material throughput - Input materials
Number of dosages 6
Additives 0.5 to 20 kg/h (Granules or powder)
Granules 10 to 100 kg/h
Regrind/Agglomerate/ Pellets 15 to 100 kg/h
Fibers/regrind 5 to 550 dm3/h
Melt filtration
Coarse filtration Filter fineness 630 to 800 µm
Fine filtration Filter fineness 60 µm and 150 µm
Melt degassing
Active degassing/passive venting Vacuum/Atmospheric
Number of vacuum degassing stations 1 x 6D/1 x 4D at the extruder and 1 x 4D side degassing
Number of atmospheric venting stations Up to 4 x 4D at the extruder
Gas injection unit Dosing range liquid CO2: 0.1 to 3.0 kg/h
Dosing range compacted N2: 0.1 to 2.0 kg/h
Cold cut/Hot cut Dry line/underwater
Product provision
Filling Octabin/BigBag
Bagging 25 kg bags
Process Analytics
Inline liquid ink metering system Gravimetric dosing of 3 liquid colors
Flow rate: 0.5 to 200 ml/min
Inline spectrophotometer Evaluation range for e.g. L*a*b* color space: 380 to 780 nm
Spectral resolution in 1 nm steps
Dwell time measurement and analysis
Atline NIR spectrometer Qualitative and quantitative ingredient analysis
Spectral range: 1100 to 2500 nm
Determination of the moisture content
Online Rheometer Viscosity range: 0.3 Pa·s to 500 KPa·s
Measuring range MFR: 0.0375 to 29,600 g/10 min
Measuring range MVR: 0.07 to 3,700 cm3/10 min
Working range: 40 to 350 °C
Gas sampling and analysis unit Direct encapsulation of gaseous samples
Gas analysis by 2 GC FID detector modules